Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Here’s 3 Tips to Avoid Failing in Affiliate Program Sales

Does affiliate marketing work? Indeed it does!

Every year billions are spent worldwide on affiliate program sales, so somebody has to be making money! Plus, if you are a beginner in the world of online sales, affiliate marketing is still the best way— by far!— for you to get a start. However, there are some important pitfalls you should learn to avoid. Here are some tips based on my own experiences in this industry.

Pitfall number one: Never, ever join too many affiliate programs at the same time.

True, many will advise you to join lots of affiliate sale schemes and cash in on everything that’s out there. I could not disagree with this strategy more strongly. Expertise is required for you to succeed in anything in this life, online or offline. So— join ONE program and become the expert in that product.

The more experienced marketers can handle multiple programs because they have the know-how and the tools, but if you are just starting out, promote one and ONLY one affiliate program to start, and become an expert in that product and that niche.

Pitfall number two: Never build your own site too soon.

No doubt you have heard how important it is to have your site up and running so you can run a blog and a subscription list. Important tasks, yes, but not yet!

To start out with, use the site the affiliate vendor has already provided for you, and learn to drive traffic to it. You might not make a ton of money to start, but you will learn invaluable skills which will benefit you later.

Some people think it’s a matter of pride to get a site up in record time, no matter how poorly designed and unprofessional it looks.

But if you are asking me, “Does affiliate marketing work, and can it work for me?” I would tell you “Of course– but only if you put your pride to one side and take it one baby step at a time.”

Pitfall number three: Avoid the temptation of paying for traffic.

If you are just starting out, I strongly weight reduction medication advise you to avoid spending time and money on pay per click, traffic exchanges or purchased lists.

These are all fine resources, and the very experienced literally make thousands per month using these and other traffic methods, but they know what they are doing and have the funds to risk.

Those just starting out should look for free or very low cost traffic. Article marketing, Squidoo lenses and forums are great places to get good, targeted traffic, and they cost you absolutely nothing.

If you really want to try out PPC, learn to do good keyword research so you can find a wide range of low-cost, low-traffic search terms. There is little point chasing after the expensive search terms when you may have little buy clomid online or no money to spend.

Only when you have the money and the experience should you go explore the more elaborate, more expensive marketing strategies.

Does affiliate marketing work for everyone? No, it doesn’t, not for the the people who try to do too many new things all at once. That will always lead to discouragement. Allow that to happen, and you will have missed out on the great opportunity affiliate program sales represents. The worst pitfall of them all? Failure to see the simplicity of online marketing!

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