Article Marketing Or Pay Per Click? Which Is The Best?

You need to generate website traffic if you have any plans of being successful online.

But before you start building your clomid online traffic there’s one very important thing that you have to remember. Please keep in mind that all traffic is not equal.

Millions of people that will visit your website coming from your Yahoo profile isn’t the same as the millions of people coming to your website that came from a search engine. These people are either looking for a solution to improve their lifestyle or searching for a desire. Every visitor has different intentions based on the keywords that they will use.

There are many different ways on how you can drive website traffic and you should diversify as much as possible on the different methods. You need to test different traffic building strategies and determine which method will bring in the highest return of investments for your affiliate marketing business.

In this article we’re going to take a look at the 2 most common ways on how you can build website traffic.

Article Marketing – This marketing method has been around for years and that’s because this is a free method of driving traffic to your website. You simply just write articles about topics that your business covers. If you are selling a dog training guide then you can write articles that are related to your product so you can get targeted customers to your offers.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate, I learned that there are certain keywords that you have to utilize when writing your articles. This is important because keywords are responsible for listing your articles in search engine results. If your article is in the first page of search engines then you will get the most exposure for your business.

Pay Per Click – If you have lots of money then you can just pay to drive in website traffic. You have to bid for your preferred keywords and the only time that you will pay is when searchers will click on your ads. PPC marketing can really give you quality traffic very fast and it’s very effective traffic building method which can produce positive results.

The downside of this method is that you can lose a lot of your advertising money if you’re not too educated in choosing the right keywords. You also have to manage it carefully if you really want a business weight loss drugs online to run on auto-pilot.

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